SSD Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting provider – a key for more clients. You know it.

We know it. That’s why we give you one of the best on market. You’re welcome!

Plan Planet

From only
+ VAT 23%

Perfect choice for small, but ambitious businesses with one cool website.
Grow with us!

1 website
10GB disk space
Unlimited traffic
Unlimited mailboxes
ⓘ More features


Plan Galaxy

From only
+ VAT 23%
Medium-size company? Unlimited amount of websites with much more power – this definitely suits you.

Unlimited websites
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited traffic
Unlimited mailboxes
ⓘ More features

Plan Cosmos

From only
+ VAT 23%

Big business, huge traffic?
You need cosmos – the plan without any limits.

Unlimited websites
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited traffic
Unlimited mailboxes
ⓘ More features

More than hosting
Order any SSD hosting plan and get 100 GB cloud for free!

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Free SSL Certificate

SLL will make your website safer, more reliable, and therefore, will have much better conversion rates. Plus, it will help you to get a higher Google rating. Nice, right? Especially when you get all of it FOR FREE!


Hard drives are a thing of the past. SSD NVMe – the future. With much greater speed and less unpleasant crashes, it will take your webpage or eShop to a totally new performance level.

Hassle-free move

Are you already hosting somewhere else? Don’t be shy, come here. We can easily move your webpage or eShop to our system. For free. With all the pages, email accounts and domain names. Nice, right?!

PHP version selection

From the newest PHP 7 versions to the old ones, if your site was created earlier. Just pick the one you need. P.S. we offer an advanced customization of PHP extensions, so you could get your perfect match.

HDD vs. SSD vs. NVMe

Maximum Speeds

What else is awesome?

We give more than you think!

Money back guarantee 14 days

Try our hosting for 14 days and see if it suits you. We are sure it’ll. So sure, that we’ll give your money back if it doesn’t.


It’s a brand new and most advanced generation protocol that will make your webpage or eShop much faster, simpler, and more robust.


It’s the most popular, first-class server management panel. Super-fast, safe, and easy-to-use. You’ll see, navigation will feel like your second nature.


With Cloudlinux, you‘re independent. It’ll improve your page stability, density, and security by isolating you from other tenants.

Newest PHP support

There is no time for waiting. Make your webpage as fast as possible with the newest PHP versions!


If you’re using something, it should be the best thing on the market. Like the fastest and most reliable LS-PHP-handler that includes the FULL benefits of opcode caching. And yup, we’re giving it for free.


We take security seriously by saving up to 30 days old copies of your webpage. In case of a bad day, you can always contact us for your webpage or account restoration.

1 click apps installation

Get the most popular apps in just one click. WordPress, OpenCart, SugarCRM, you name it, we have it! Tap and it’s done.

24/7 security and DDOS monitoring

We don’t ask if you need it. You do. It will save your webpage from DDoS attacks. 24/7. Keep it safe and under control

100% uptime guarantee

100% uptime guarantee on all products! Each day of disturbance would be rewarded with one week of free service!

Malware scan and removal

Safety first! We’ll provide you with the high-class antivirus software that will always work, always scan, always remove all kind of villains.


You can choose from 3 types of webmail applications and read your emails everywhere and whenever you want. You can also sync your mailboxes with any software you are using right now. Comfy, yes?

SpamAssassin spam filtering

Forget about spam. Our server has the most popular spam filtering software that will secure your email and keep it clean and shiny.


We’re globally local. So, if you have a question or need an advice, you can always contact us in your totally amazing mother tongue.

GZIP compression

All the files of your webpage will be compressed. Why is it useful to you? Easy, because of the speed. Your webpage will be running like a real sprinter.


Did your webpage or eshop grow up? We all do. Change your plan to the better one – the one with more power, processing muscle and resources. Without any troubles.

Resource management, monitoring load balancing

We’re always there. 24/7. Monitoring server loads, optimizing its processes and databases. Just for your safety and proper rest.


Repetitive tasks are super boring, right? No worries, we got you covered with our cron support. It’s a time-based job scheduler that will periodically and automatically take care of your webpage maintenance and administration. Yay!

Support for programming languages

It doesn’t matter what kind of programming language your webpage speaks. Our hosting accounts support pretty much all of them.


Hello, Sherlock. With us, you can see the live statistics. How many visitors you had today, from which countries, when and etc. It’s time to know your audience.

Ready to get started?

If you need extra, we’ll give you extra

Additional things you can order from us


Say yes to much faster & safer webpage. Cloudflare will dramatically improve your web performance and defend you from all types of online threats.

Priority support

Standing in line is always annoying, isn’t it? Be the first to get help or advice! By ordering this service, you’ll always get the answer from us in less than 30 mins.


Website attacks can be confusing or even catastrophic. But hey, with Getspace your security will be ensured by the global leader SiteLock. No dangers = no worries.

More backups

If you’re building your webpage or want to be 100 % sure of every bit of it, you can order our maximum backup service – we will back up your web 30 times per month. Every day is a safe and sound one.

Reseller hosting

Get space and resell it

Looking for an easy way to purchase wholesale services and sell them to customers? You’ve found it. A pretty awesome one. Click to read more.

Tell others & get paid!

Get 25 % of each revenue. Yup, easy as that.

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