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HostAdvice Research – Getspace Delivers All Space From One Place

The first thing to know about Getspace is that they pride themselves on providing all space you need for you and your business – in one place. Namely, with Getspace, you can mix different services to fit all your specific needs. It is very convenient and provides a much better user experience. Or, does it really?

Getspace has been playing the hosting game differently, and it may as well lead the way to the future of hosting. So, we decided to check it out and do a detailed review of Getspace.

The provider highly emphasizes security. It ensures that your data is protected and safe always, no matter how high or low a budget you have.

Also, Getspace is always on the move, upgrading and improving its services left and right. Pretty cool, right?

With over 20,000 businesses on their resume, Getspace relies on its speed and innovative features to win customers over.

Our users here at HostAdvice have rated Getspace as “Superb.” This provider’s overall rating is 4.4 out of 5 based on more than one hundred reviews. And we can assure you that their opinions are unbiased because no one is making them write the reviews. They do it because they want to. HostAdvice users especially like Getspace’s customer support and speed. And, those two features are essential for any hosting provider. Using a provider with great speed coupled with timely customer support will make your life easier and your online presence better. Of course, there is a negative review here and there, but the positive ones outweigh the negatives in this case.

All Space. One Place.

Let’s start Getspace’s amazing uptime guarantee. Namely, the provider has a 100% uptime guarantee, and as we mentioned above, our users confirm that. With Getspace, you will receive the newest PHP 7 versions, HTTP/2, the latest hardware, and pure SSD. All of those features are there to ensure the 100% uptime that the provider guarantees.

Also, if you purchase either SSD Hosting, WordPress Hosting, or VPS, you will get 100GB cloud for free. Or, if you only buy a cloud, you will get an extra 50GB for free.

Getspace has three data centers across Europe that are Tier III certified. The Tier III certification is the highest certification for data centers and guarantees top-notch security and redundancy. Also, if you ever experience downtime, Getspace will give you one week of free service for every day of experienced downtime. What’s more, Getspace’s data centers have backup power sources that keep the servers running for at least 72 hours if one of the data centers fails.

Along with lightning speed, top-level data centers, and free stuff, you will also get high-level security. Getspace provides SSL Certificates, Server-Side encryption, and data backup. They sure took the whole “All space. One place” moto seriously, huh.

Getspace offers SSD Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS when it comes to hosting services. It also provides a storage cloud. In addition, you can move your website or eShop to Getspace for free.

Now, all of you WordPress enthusiasts are in for a treat. Namely, if you purchase a WordPress Hosting plan with Getspace, you will get a complimentary website and eShop. And, who doesn’t love free stuff? We sure do. And, don’t worry. All the customizing features you need come with the free website and eShop.

But, Getspace is not done with the free stuff yet. You will also receive a free SSL Certificate and free backup restoration if you purchase a WordPress Hosting plan.

Getspace does free backup restoration once a month.

Aside from Hosting services, Getspace provides online marketing and website-building services. Its marketing services include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO services. Its website-building service includes the ability to build a website and an e-commerce store. All of your marketing and website-building endeavors will be done with the help of a digital advertising agency called Starflix, which works hand in hand with Getspace.

What Else Does Getspace Deliver?

Apart from the many services and free stuff we mentioned above, Getspace delivers some more features that can be useful to you. For instance, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like what you see, you can cancel and receive a full refund.

Also, Getspace will provide you with the use of cPanel. It is a server management panel that is fast, safe, and easy to use. So, you will navigate through it with ease.

Cloudlinux is another feature you can use with Getspace. It will help you improve page stability, density, and security because it will completely isolate you from other users.

Time for another free perk. If you decide to use Getspace as your provider, you will be able to use the fastest and most reliable LS-PHP-handler that includes opcode caching for free. Also, to make your experience better, Getspace makes installing apps a swift process. And by quick, we mean a one-click and you’re done type of thing. So, you will only need to tap once on the app you want to install, and you’ll have it at your disposal.

You will be safe from potential DDoS attacks as Getspace will monitor your website 24/7 while emphasizing those pesky DDoS attacks.

The free backups that Getspaces provides save up to 30-day old copies of your website. So, if you need more backups, soon, you will be able to pay extra and get more backups.

Getspace Projects and Support

A significant part of Getspace’s strive for innovation and its “All space. One Place” motto is its projects. We already mentioned the provider’s collaboration with Starflix, but let’s learn more about it.

As you already know, Starflix is a digital advertising agency. It is a part of Getspace’s marketing services and works with Getspace to provide high-quality marketing services. It has thousands of customers from all around the world. Starflix aims to help each business find the most individualized, customized, and cost-effective digital advertising solution.

The other project that Getspace has on its roster is its collaboration with the WordPress Academy. The WordPress Academy is a company that will build your website from the ground up. Whatever you desire, you tell the folks over at WordPress Academy, and they will create it for you. Their team consists of innovative designers and a support team that will answer whatever queries you have.

Also, if you’re not sure which features you need, WordPress Academy’s support team will help you decide. And your project will be under the supervision of senior developers.

As for customer support at Getspace, you can contact its support team via email, on the website, or go and visit its offices. The locations of the offices are available on Getspace’s website. Also, you can find a rich Knowledge Base and News section on the website and maybe find the answers you’re looking for there.

Getspace is genuinely paving a new path for hosting providers from all around and offers an extensive range of services for its customers while doing so.

Get To Know HostAdvice

Not many people are experts on questions regarding web hosting, so HostAdvice sprung to life in 2014 to help people and businesses choose the right web hosting services to fit their needs. Essentially, HostAdvice compares web hosting providers based on user reviews. So, it provides unbiased and expert comparisons to anyone that needs them. As of now, it has more than 65,000 user reviews which have helped with the creation of over 4,000 active web host company review pages.

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Our robust recommendation system has made our number of inquiries arise in large numbers. Companies and individuals from all around the world have reached out to us to find out which hosting provides offer the best prices and reliability. Also, many of them have approached us to find out whether the provider they want to choose is the right fit for them before they take the plunge and subscribe to a plan. Our superb comparison engine and excellent customer service have enabled us to gain the trust of many people from all over the world. So, suffice it to say that 2020 was an incredible year for our business.

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Final Take

Getspace values innovation and strives to provide everything in one place. And we can say that they are doing a pretty good job so far. Their offer includes a plethora of different services and features, so if you like to explore a lot of options in one place, you might want to consider making Getspace your hosting provider.

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