cPanel vs DirectAdmin. Why Consider Migrating to DA?

After the last cPanel price hike, many hosting service providers started looking for alternative web panels. Only a year has passed and yet there’s another cPanel price increase that is causing an outrage in the web hosting community.

As a result, alternative web panels, such as DirectAdmin, are getting more attention than ever. cPanel has been the leader in the industry for quite a while, so why consider migrating from it to DirectAdmin? To answer that, let’s compare the key features.

    1. User Interface (UI) – the main difference in terms of usability for the cPanel vs DirectAdmin interface is that DirectAdmin is less overwhelming. The DirectAdmin UI has four main categories,  four interface styles and three access levels that can be merged into one interface. Whereas cPanel‘s features are split into collapsible categories that might seem quite overwhelming. Both have clean, modern interfaces, though.
    2. Third-party apps and integrations – when it comes to plugins, there is no doubt cPanel offers more and even includes custom code options. While DirectAdmin lets you choose from plugins to extend functionality, they can be limiting.
    3. Pricing – the previous and upcoming cPanel price hikes have definitely made DirectAdmin the more attractive option price-wise. 

When many think of web control panels, the most common option that comes to mind is cPanel. And it‘s completely normal, since they have been a titan of the industry for over 20 years, offering a powerful platform for all company sizes.

It’s no secret that cPanel has overwhelmingly more features than DirectAdmin and due to the years of trust with cPanel it’s hard for users to let go regardless of the new pricing structure. However, due in large part to the spike in licensing costs, you may not find it the most cost-effective solution, much like many hosting providers.

Getspace uses cPanel for hosting due to customer request. However, our team has been a part of the development of DirectAdmin, so we’re happy to state, we are experts in context of this panel. 

DirectAdmin provides all the functionality you would ever need as a User, Reseller or Server Admin to successfully manage websites. It is a budget-friendly alternative that comes with virtually everything you would expect or need from a control panel.

The new design looks refreshingly simple, the interface is fairly easy to use and the active community is growing faster by the day. Overall, DirectAdmin seems to be the best option if you decide to leave cPanel.

Due to cPanel price increases, that are badly impacting small to medium businesses,  a demand of migration from cPanel to DirectAdmin is growing every single day.

We are happy to help our clients with consultations on the migration process from cPanel to DirectAdmin and answer all the questions you might have and give solutions to problems that might occur.  We promise to help you make this transition as fluent and smooth as possible.

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