SSD hosting

SSD NVMe with free SSL Certificate speaks for itself.
Get it today – resell it today.
There is no time for waiting.
Smart decisions are worth to take now.

from 31.25$

WordPress hosting

We’re profs of WordPress, nothing strange, that’s why our hosting service is the highest-level too. Need proof? SSD NVMe, free SSL, multi-layer caching technology, PHP 7 and HTTP/2 – yup, the sites are loading in a millisecs.

from 37.50$

Top notch hosting service

Maintain your clients at top levels. Getspace is one of the best hosting solutions on the market with the most advanced, intuitive and popular management platform. Don’t believe it? Just let your clients try it out.

All support you need

The only thing you need to care about is finding your clients. Everything else, from server management and monitoring to security and configuration, will be done by us. The highest-quality service for you and your clients.

Hassle-free move

Are you reselling services from other providers? Time for a better one! We can easily move your account with all the websites and emails from others to ours without making any changes.

Free cloud

Purchase our hosting, resell it, and get a reward – free 100 GB business cloud for you and your customers. You’re welcome!

HDD vs. SSD vs. NVMe

Maximum Speeds

What else?

Additional benefits

Total Freedom

You will control your clients’ accounts yourself. So you are sure all the disk space and resources are allocated in the smartest way possible.

Additional Backups

You can’t predict all things in life. That’s why we automatically create backups of the last 7 days as well as 2 versions of the past month( days 1 and 15 ).

More Power

Our reseller hosting plans have much more resources compared to other providers.

All PHP Versions

All accounts are supplied with all PHP versions as well as all available modules. A solution for every issue.


We support almost all programming languages. Java, Python, Django, Perl, Ruby on rails, Node.js, you name it!

Free SSL

SSL certificate is automatically assigned to every domain connected to Getspace servers.

Support 24/7/365

Our superstar customer support agents are keen to solve your issue at any time of the day, night and year.


We are able to add you additional resources as you grow.

Find out more about our hosting

Getspace offers you two types of hosting: SSD and WordPress.

Both come with SSD NVMe, free SSL and newest PHP 7 versions. Quite a perfection!

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