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Higher Google rating

Get more organic clients! SSL certificates will help you to stand in the first pages of Google search without any paid advertisement

Boost in trust

The SSL certificate encrypts the data between your site’s visitors and the server, thus making your website safer and more reliable. Plus, if you are collecting customer e-mail, order data or make e-payments, the SSL Certificate is simply required to comply with the recent GDPR.

Better conversion rates

More reliable = more sales. What are we saying? SSL Certificates come with a trust seal that has been proven to increase visitor confidence and customer conversions. Isn’t it all you need?


Backups save lives. Literally

You can’t predict when something bad will happen. But you can prepare for it by doing a backup. It’ll be available whenever you need it, plus, it’s super easy-to-manage.

You’re your own boss

You can choose how often to do a backup, when to delete a backup, how many copies to save. You can even ask to back up your backup! Nice, right?

Cost effective

You don’t need to buy a server, take care of it, manage it. Everything is already done for you. Feel that pleasant chill feeling.


Faster loading

Thanks to CDN, all your static content is placed on all network servers, therefore is uploading much faster. Plus, both your hosting server and CDN are working together, so your webpage is loading as a real sprinter.


Remove the need to sacrifice performance for security. Instead of decreasing performance, CDN can increase your digital project performance because of low-latency security services integrated with traffic acceleration.


Cloudflare is the top-notch CDN provider, trusted by the biggest and most dynamic international companies and backed by giants like Google and Microsoft. Reliability is just guaranteed.

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Hosting SSD

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+ IVA 23%
¿Estás cansado de una página web lenta? Te entendemos totalmente. La solución para ti: SSD 100% puro. La velocidad y el rendimiento están garantizados. Además, puedes obtener Cloud de almacenamiento de 100 GB como recompensa totalmente gratis. A ganar!

Hosting WordPress

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+ IVA 23%

Nosotros sabemos cómo hacer que tu página de WordPress sea la más impresionante. Sin bromas. Super-velocidad, SSL gratuito y restauración de copias de seguridad con una pequeña recompensa: 100 GB de almacenamiento Cloud como regalo, solo porque … ¡eres increíble!


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+ IVA 23%

Es hora de dejar de soñar con velocidad y rendimiento rápidos. Lo tienes aquí. Con SSD puro, tráfico ilimitado e incluso una nube de almacenamiento adicional gratuita de 100 GB (Cloud) te tenemos cubierto en todos los sentidos. Te lo mereces.


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+ IVA 23%

Deja de borrar tus archivos. ¡Simplemente guárdalos en línea y acceda a ellos desde cualquier dispositivo! Desde fotos hasta documentos, todo se puede colocar de forma SEGURA en tu Cloud. Además, no tendrás problema en enviar archivos pesados, simplemente comparte un enlace. ¡Obtén 50 GB gratis y pruébalo!

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